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American outdoor barbecue strategy

how? Do you want to make an appointment for BBQ on Sundays? approximately! Must make an appointment! In the United States, the air quality is good, and the natural scenery is also very good. Enjoying a good outdoor time is not only beneficial to the body and mind. After a delicious BBQ, you can also play outdoor grass games to enhance the emotional exchanges between people. So everyone likes to make appointments. Three or five friends have an outdoor barbecue. This article will focus on the outdoor barbecue, starting with the preparations.

American Barbecue Tools

Generally speaking, public areas (parks, lake shores, forest areas, etc.) have public ovens, but it is not absolute. It is best to check in advance, basically you will find out by checking the Internet. Note that in some places, if the picnic area is used by more than a certain number of people (usually 20 or 25 people or more), you need to apply for a permit in advance.

If there is no public oven, bring a portable one. Even if there is a public oven, it is best to bring another portable one if there are more than seven or eight people, otherwise the speed will not keep up.

Portable ovens are very cheap, basically you don’t need to pay too much attention to quality, just buy the simplest one, and the grill area is as large as possible. The important thing is to have a shelf. I once squatted on the ground and roasted.

The grill is best to use a pellet grill or charcoal. You don’t want to go to the park with a gas tank on your back...

Charcoal alone cannot be lit, and kerosene and ignition rods are needed. However, you can also buy a pre-treated charcoal that can be lit without adding kerosene. The price is more expensive, but it feels like the burning time is shorter.

Two tongs can be prepared to deal with raw meat and cooked meat. Long knives and fine metal forks generally come in handy. As for the poker, I said that most of the time I used it to pick some branches from the ground...

You can bring a spray can of oil, which is good for spraying the grill. Or use a paper towel (Paper Towel) soaked in vegetable oil and wipe it on the grill. It's a little troublesome, but the effect will be better.

American barbecue ingredients

For novices, hot dog + hamburger is never wrong. Basically, you don’t need to process it yourself. Just buy ready-made hot dog sausages, meat patties, bread, and then bring ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, pickled melon, and others. The sauce you want to eat is done, and there is basically no requirement for barbecue technology. In fact, most Americans do this, especially when there are too many people, simply and rudely fed.

However, the taste of these things is a bit monotonous. You can consider buying some sausages with different flavors, or meat steaks that have been seasoned, and add some flavor. You don't need to do it yourself, just buy them directly.

If you want it to be delicious, you have to cut and marinate the meat more the day before. Buy a large aluminum foil baking tray, put the cut meat in it, and add some favorite seasonings and spices, but for lamb, it is best not to add too much seasoning, usually a little onion is enough.

Fruits (such as pineapple, mango, lemon, etc.) are used as ingredients for marinating meat with miraculous effects, adding flavor and tendering the meat at the same time. But if you put too much, it will easily ruin the taste of the barbecue. . It is better to be cautious when trying for the first time.

Shrimp is actually good. It can be grilled without much processing. It is better to overdone the shrimp and the shrimp thread. Because it is grilled, it is not necessary to be fresh. Frozen shrimp can also be dealt with.

American outdoor barbecue strategy

The fish cannot be grilled, and it is not unpalatable. However, it is somewhat troublesome to trim the fish in a crowded outdoor barbecue stall. If you really want to eat it, use salmon or Trout's fish steak.

As for chicken wings, it’s actually quite difficult. Novices can skip it. If you want to do it, remember to buy chicken wings instead of the whole. But generally speaking, chicken wings are more suitable for the oven. The same goes for ribs.

Vegetables suitable for barbecue generally include mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, corn, green peppers, potatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, etc. But generally choosing three or four is enough, mainly for relieving boredom.

In addition to the things on the grill, you can also prepare some side dishes that are convenient for picnics, such as lettuce salad, or Chinese cold dishes such as cucumber kelp, and refreshing is the best. Or cutting two large watermelons after roasting the meat is also a good choice.

American outdoor barbecue strategy

The metal stick is easy to use and looks cool, but it is too heavy and troublesome to clean. It is suitable for use when there are not too many people.

In contrast, bamboo sticks are light and easy to carry, and hundreds of them are stress-free. They are convenient and cheap to buy. They can be thrown away directly when they are used up. They are suitable for use when there are many (lazy) people.

If you use bamboo skewers, remember to soak them in water overnight, and then take them out the next day, otherwise the meat will not be cooked and the skewers will be wiped out first.

Sausages bought in the store are often burnt on the outside but not cooked on the inside when they are roasted. Before roasting, lightly make a few cuts with a knife to make it easier to roast.

Large chunks of staple food, such as corn, sweet potatoes, and even steamed buns, need to be covered and cooked (the grill in the park is a bit hard to use). Generally speaking, a batch of meat is grilled before it's turn. These, don't forget to wrap them in aluminum foil before baking.

Spread a layer of butter before grilling the corn, don’t ask me why, just try it~

For vegetables that are inconvenient to roast directly, you can use aluminum foil to stack a bowl and put it inside to bake it.

Some vegetables are quite different in the degree of easy ripening. For example, cauliflower and broccoli are slower, while mushrooms and bell peppers are fast. Don't skew them together or bake them in the same bowl, otherwise this will become a mess. Chunks are still raw...

If it is not marinated, bring more sauces (for dipping), if you have marinated in advance, you can bring less. But anyway, you can't go wrong with some basics such as salt, pepper, cumin, and chili noodles.

Comes with the necessary dessert for barbecue——S’more

After a big meal, it is a pleasant experience to have another plate of desserts, but did you know that Americans have a kind of dessert exclusively for outdoor barbecues? This small snack made of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate has a cool name—"Give me some more!" which directly translates to "Baby want!" The first record of this sweet is in one This 1927 Girl Scout (Girl Scout) manual appeared in the handbook. It was made with campfires when the children were camping in the wild with the instructor. Because it was very popular, many children couldn’t wait to shout “one more” right after eating, hence the name “ Some more", which was later reduced to the continuous reading version of S'more

American outdoor barbecue strategy

Material 1: Graham Cracker, there are many versions, the more common is honey flavor, you can also use the original flavor

Material 2: Marshmallow, spherical marshmallows, one of the representative foods of American children's childhood, the status is about the same as our childhood white rabbits. Note that there are usually different sizes in the store, and it is best to choose a smaller one than the biscuits used.

Material 3: Milk chocolate, preferably a traditional thin plate shape, with a groove in the middle that can be easily broken into small squares.

(Hint: Many supermarkets, such as The Whole Food and Trader Joe's, will put these three things in a single area in summer, so that customers can take them together. This also reflects the "baby even more!" in the summer barbecue season. It's really popular...)

Method: Break the biscuits into small squares along the seam, and break the chocolate into the same small squares, preferably a little smaller than the biscuits, and put a piece of chocolate on top of the biscuits. Use a metal brazier (or a fine fork for barbecue) to pierce a ball of marshmallows and stretch them over the fire to bake them until they are browned. At this time, let one person hold the cookies with chocolate on top, and the other put the marshmallows on top of the chocolate. The former took another piece of biscuit and placed it on the marshmallow and pressed it slightly, while the latter took out the drill or fine fork by force, and the work was done. At this time, the hot marshmallow ball will be squashed, and at the same time it will slightly melt the chocolate below-what are you waiting for, hurry up and take a bite of this freshly baked sweetness.

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