Lets Have a Park BBQ party!

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Barbecuing, outings, and cruises are typical vacations in the United States. Among them, barbecue is the most popular, Memorial Day barbecue, Independence Day barbecue, and Labor Day barbecue. In the U.S., many people have barbecue grills at home and can hold barbecue parties directly in the backyard.


For those who don’t have a barbecue but want to have a barbecue, the park is a great place. Many parks and forests in the United States have perfect barbecue equipment. There are barbecue pits, trash cans, chairs, tables, toilets, even pavilions and tap water, it is simply a one-stop barbecue service. 

These grills can be booked in advance or used as soon as they go. Generally not very nervous, there are always a few empty barbecue grills. Usually these barbecue grills are in the woods, the trees are shaded, and the breeze is blowing, giving people a very comfortable and relaxing feeling. 

After having a barbecue, you can walk in the woods to digest, you can sit on the grass and play games together, or fall asleep directly on the blanket on the grass. Be sure to spread a blanket to prevent mosquito bites, otherwise health problems will be bad.


1.Preliminary preparation-bring the purchased zgrills pellet grills-7002F

Because there is a barbecue grill at home, there is nothing to consider. We plan to go to the park and forest for barbecue on the weekend. It is best to choose a place close to the parking lot. If you are worried about rain, you can choose a place close to a pavilion or a place that is more sheltered by trees to barbecue. If the sun is big, you still choose to put the grill in the shade.

2. Prepare barbecue tools and favorite foods

Kitchen tongs

Grill topper

 Silicone basting brush and beak bottle

Plates and cups

Bring your favorite food: beef, shrimp, ham, corn, eggplant, potatoes

Also don’t forget to bring a variety of delicious seasonings: salt, cumin, pepper, pepper, garbage noodles, oil, soy sauce, barbecue sauce

3. Start cooking your food, if you don’t think about what you want to do, you can also check out Z Grills Recipes! click here.


I hope everyone can have a happy barbecue time with their relatives and friends!

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