Outdoor DIY Golden Chicken Wing Barbecue

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Barbecuing is actually a very simple thing. You only need to prepare the ingredients and then roast them on the fire. There is basically no technical content.

So what plays a vital role in barbecue, except for the fresh ingredients themselves, that is the seasoning sauce.

The marinade recommended for everyone today, in addition to grilled chicken wings, can also be widely used on all kinds of ingredients suitable for barbecue. It can be described as an all-purpose marinade!

outdoor bbq-easter

Step 1: Process the ingredients

Rinse the chicken wings, chicken hearts, and gizzards from the supermarket with clean water, and then wipe them dry with kitchen paper.

Scribe a knife on the chicken wings to facilitate the subsequent marinade flavor.

If you have time, soak the chicken hearts and gizzards in water for a period of time.

Wash the whole mushroom, slice the onion and set aside.

Step 2: prepare the marinade

Here I have prepared three different marinades, namely; spicy flavor, cumin flavor and honey teriyaki flavor.

️Spicy flavor

Seasoning needed: chili powder, pepper powder, cooking wine, salt, light soy sauce

Cumin flavor

Seasoning needed: a large amount of cumin powder, a small amount of chili powder, five-spice powder, cooking wine, salt, light soy sauce

Honey Teriyaki Flavor

Seasoning needed: Teriyaki sauce, a small amount of honey, cooking wine


Step 3: Marinate

Divide the chicken wings into three parts and marinate them with the above seasonings. While mixing the seasoning, massage the chicken wings with your hands. This step is very important! Massage can make chicken wings delicious!

The curing process takes at least half an hour. If you have time, put it in the refrigerator for more than an hour to add more flavor.

Step 4: Start baking

Put the marinated chicken wings on the grill where the fire is overwhelming, lay them neatly one by one, and brush them with a thin layer of oil.

Onion slices and mushrooms can be placed on the upper layer of the grill, pay attention to the mushrooms facing upwards, so that the juice inside will not leak out.

The chicken hearts and gizzards should be baked on tin foil, and the surface should be painted with a layer of oil.

Step 5: grilling

Chicken wings need to be turned continuously during the grilling process, and each time the surface becomes brown and yellow, it can be changed to the other side.

Onions can be turned over in a while, and mushrooms must not be turned over, because what we want to eat is the juice inside.

Place the chicken hearts and gizzards on tin foil, and just turn them over after a while.

Step 6: out of the pot

I always eat chicken wings while grilling them. All three flavors are great, so I can’t take photos at all.‍♀️

Mushrooms are one of the essence of barbecue, without any seasoning, it is completely the original taste of food. Moreover, the roasted juice is very delicious, and it is also an important ingredient in Michelin restaurants. When eating, be careful not to scald your mouth with the juice~

The main effect of onions is to relieve greasiness. This large bite of meat will inevitably feel greasy. At this time, taking a bite of onion rings that become soft after roasting is really refreshing.

Now, barbecue is really easy!

All the above marinades were purchased from Yami, and the pictures are attached below.

Light soy sauce is my favorite, and pepper powder, cumin powder and five-spice powder are also long-term stocks. In addition to grilling, teriyaki sauce is also great for other Japanese dishes

Taking advantage of the bright spring, make an appointment with your good friends , let’s walk on the outdoor barbecue

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