Ten questions about pellet smokers?

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Today, Z Grills going to talk to you about common questions about pellet smokers (the 10 most frequently asked questions from many customers)

01. How to buy high-quality pellet fuel?

Answer: Z Grills continues to supply high-quality wood pellets. The products have relevant certifications. Environmental protection and safety are our tenet.


02. How heavy is a bag of pellets? How long can it be used?

Answer: A common bag of wood pellets weighs 20lbs (pounds), which is about 9kg. The oven is set to low-level smoking, and it can be used for about 20 hours. Set the highest high in the oven to High, which can be used for about 6 hours.

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03. How long does it take to assemble a pellet smoker?

Answer: It takes about 20-45 minutes, (according to product model specifications, we provide product manual + installation video)

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04. How many degrees does Smoke, Medium and High displayed on the pellet grills temperature control panel correspond?

Answer: Smoke 160-200℉ (71-93℃)

Medium 250-300℉(121-149℃)

High 400-450℉(204-232℃+)

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05. How to start the pellet grills ignition?

Answer: With the lid open, turn on the power switch and turn the temperature control switch to the Smoke state, and leave it on for at least 5 minutes before closing the lid. Then you can adjust the temperature to the temperature you want, and the particles will start to pass by. After the smoke state, a burning flame will appear.

Z pellet smoker

06. How long does it take to add the pellet grills to 400°F?

Answer: It takes about 20-25 minutes, depending on the outdoor temperature and particle condition

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07. How to set the most suitable temperature for smoking?

Answer: The most suitable temperature for smoking is 165-225°F (74-107°C)


8. How to turn off the pellet smoker after grilling?

Answer: After grilling, turn the oven temperature control switch to Shut Down, and the induction fan will automatically shut down after 10 minutes. After the induction fan is turned off, turn the power switch to the off position off.

zgrills tem

09. How long does it take for the Z pellet grills to cool down completely after it is turned off?

Answer: It takes about 1 hour

Z Grills pellet smoker 700D2

10. How often should the pellet oven be cleaned?

Answer: Suggestion: After each barbecue, clean the grill net and replace the oil receiving cup; every 2-3 barbecues, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the particulate dust and replace the tin foil on the uniform temperature plate; every year 2- 3 deep cleaning and maintenance


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