Wood pellet grill---a grill that is more environmentally friendly than charcoal and gas.

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If you like the taste of slow-cooked smoked meat, but don't want a charcoal smoker to last for hours, then a granular grill may be your ideal choice. The pellet grill and smoker is the latest version of the world of grilling and uses a special fuel called wood chips. BBQ pellets are made from compressed hardwood sawdust, and there are many wood flavors to choose from. The pellets are fed into the hot pot of the grill through an electric drill, which only provides the number of pellets needed to heat the grill to the desired temperature. No more babysitting, adding fuel or adjusting vents to keep the temperature stable. Just set the temperature, press start, and let the smoker do the work for you.

Different from the traditional charcoal grill, gas grill, electric grill. The pellet furnace is controlled by the feeding motor to control the screw feeding speed to the furnace. The ignition rod automatically ignites, and the bottom fan supplies oxygen to keep burning. The vertical linear ventilation holes in the furnace produce circulating hot air flow. The fan inside the hopper runs to maintain a good pressure to prevent the flame from returning to the screw. The confluence of the two air streams eventually burns the wood and produces a pure hardwood pyrotechnic aroma.

Intelligent operation

When burning oak, walnut, cherry and most hardwood pellets, you can grill food by controlling the temperature of the grill. It takes less than 10 hours to roast a large piece of pork shoulder; you can also roast a piece of pork ribs in 4 hours. Of course, the lower the grilling temperature, the more smoke is produced. This kind of slowly roasted meat is very juicy, the meat and the bones are also easily separated, and the food will be mixed with a soft smoky flavor.


Undeniably, there are many friends who like charcoal barbecue.

Advantages of charcoal barbecue:

A loyal fan of charcoal grills, they will not choose gas grills. They do have their reason: a charcoal grill can reach a violent 482 degrees Celsius on the surface of the meat, which is much hotter than a standard gas grill without an infrared burner. Using such a high temperature, the skin of steak and lamb chops can be turned into our favorite puff pastry, while maintaining the red and pink inside of the meat.

Another major advantage of charcoal grilling is smoke, which is an interesting byproduct of burning. The smoke produced by charcoal contains a wide range of flavor molecules, especially when it starts to ignite. . If they burn completely, there is only water and carbon dioxide, and no flavor. When the fat and juice of food drip onto the burning charcoal, a lot of smoke will be produced. If only a brief encounter with smoke, smoke will not significantly change the flavor of fast-cooked foods such as hot dogs, beef burgers, or even lean steaks. In thick steak and chicken cuts, the flavor produced by the smoke can be clearly perceived. If you use your grill for a long, low-temperature smoky roast, there will be a clear difference in flavor. The flavor of the smoke produced by the gas oven is very single.

Disadvantages of charcoal grilling

After talking about the two main advantages, let's take a look at the disadvantages. The risk of charcoal is relatively high, and many residential buildings and fire stations restrict the use of charcoal grills on balconies. Carbon and sparks can escape from the outlet on the grill or the smoke vent. The gas oven can be turned off immediately by turning the button.

In addition, charcoal will be dirty; it is difficult to ignite, and it usually takes 15 minutes or more to reach the ideal temperature; it will catch fire and scorch food. The heat of charcoal grilling is more difficult to measure and control; it may lose heat slowly during long-term grilling. And the temperature cannot drop quickly; there will be dust, which must be cleaned up. Then there are very few charcoal grills and so on.

It seems that there are a lot of problems. However, most of these problems can also be solved. For example, use gloves, shovel, and pliers carefully to reduce confusion and risk. If you use the smoke vent and keep the charcoal dry, it is not difficult to keep the charcoal hot.


Advantages of gas grills: After talking about charcoal grills, let's take a look at the advantages of gas grills. The gas oven is more convenient and easy to control, and it is easy to start, and it can be heated up in 10 to 15 minutes. It is easy to maintain a stable temperature, heating or cooling is also easy. If there are 2 or more burners, you can easily build a dual-zone grill. Temperature control is very important for good grilling, and it is very easy to implement on a gas grill. Gas grills are also easier to clean, and are generally allowed to be used on the balcony.

Another advantage of gas grills is that they usually have a wider range of accessories. Most have a rotating grill, and some have side burners to keep the sauce hot or grill side dishes. You can also have night lights, side tables and spice racks, storage drawers, bottle openers-some gas grills even have Bluetooth. Barbecue grills can be added to most gas grills, which can greatly improve the quality of grilling by amplifying the heat, prevent flames from rising, and allow you to put wood on the grills under the food.

Disadvantages of gas grills: Some sophisticated gas grills have smoking boxes for sawdust, but most of them require you to make or place the wood plate under the grill grill and close to the flame. In order to prevent fires and safety considerations, most gas ovens have poorly sealed lids, so smoke will leak out, and more wood is required than required. If not handled properly, the gas may explode. However, in general, gas ovens are relatively safer. If you encounter a problem, you can directly turn off the switch.

Water can become condensed and can organize in extremely cold weather. Grease will squeeze under the burner, and if you don’t clean it, it may catch fire. This kind of fire would be very difficult to extinguish without a fire extinguisher suitable for grease fires. Gas ovens are generally more expensive because the mechanism is more complicated and the assembly is more complicated. Having more accessories will break and need to be replaced. Another problem is that it is difficult to judge whether the gas will be burned out. Many gas grills do not have particularly strong burners, or are small, and can only grill one or two steaks at a time. This is perfect for a family of two, but if you hold a graduation party, you will need more infrared burners.

The cost of charcoal and gas is similar, and there may be promotions for charcoal. But compared with food, these costs are nothing.

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