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Country Style Pork Ribs

Chopped mixed vegetables

Fresh Pico (3 Roma tomatoes, 1/4 slice onion, 1 Serrano pepper, 1 lime juice and garlic salt)


Soft shell tortillas



Seasonal pork

Roast pork uses a temperature of 350° until it turns golden brown, and then wrap it in a foil boat until the pork is scattered and soft.

Chop and mix the PICO ingredients

Brown tortilla shell on zgrills pellet smoker.

Use the above ingredients to make delicious.

Boost Your Texas with Pulled Pork Tacos-Mexican Game

Not long ago, most families never thought of cooking tacos in a new and wonderful way. They adhere to the old standard of combining ground beef, store-bought seasonings, and crunchy corn husks.

My things have changed. They have become better.

Today's pit master has rediscovered the versatility of tacos. They slice and dice all kinds of meat and vegetables, and put them together in soft and hard shells. With this roast pork taco recipe, you can easily substitute other foods for new flavors of traditional foods.

The tacos have grown up-you can make them with any ingredients you want. Your Z Grill is always ready to help you.

Tips to get the most benefit from pork soft tacos

Trying this barbecue pork taco recipe for the first time? Looking forward to getting a thank you card from your taste buds. When you grill to Taco Hog Paradise, make sure to follow these tips:

Be patient: don't expect your pork to reach a "boneless" state for a long time. Stop hovering over the grill and do something fruitful, such as chopping fine ingredients or watching a game.

Clean beforehand: When your grill is spotless, it will perform its best function. If you haven't scrubbed it for a while, stain it before throwing your pork on the smoker.

Test the taste of pellets: Maybe you are a stubborn user of hickory pellets. let it go. But keep in mind that wood pellets also have other colors such as cherry and apple. You never know how different particles will change the overall taste of grilled pork tacos.

Test dry friction: No one says you have to stick to the dry friction mentioned in this roast pork taco recipe. Choose another one or try to create your own. who knows? You might come up with an award-winning friction from the items already in the pantry.

Fresh: Obviously, your pork needs to be fresh. Make sure your micro ingredients are too. No one wants to eat salsa that loses its flavor, so choose the freshest food you can find.

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