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ZPG-600D3E Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

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2021 Upgraded Z Grills 600D3E (L600E) Pellet Grill & Smoker with PID Controller, Direct Flame Access, and Enclosed Storage Cabinet (Rain Cover Not Included)

Description: Sear any steak to perfection with the Z Grills 600D3E (L600E) Pellet Grill that allows for open-flame cooking.

This 2021 new model features a digital PID control board and advanced technology for precise temperatures. A fire access door allows for direct flame searing which reaches high temperatures up to 750 °F. Fueled by 100% all-natural hardwood pellets, the 600D3E operates with fan-forced convection cooking and infuses mouthwatering real-wood aroma into every dish. The 600D3E is crafted with heavy-duty steel and features a stainless steel lid, built to entertain a crowd for years to come.

Price: $ 499
Discount Price: $ 459
  • ZPG-600D3E
  • 600 Series 

8 Cooking Styles & Direct Flame Access

Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue, or char-grill to perfection with the Z Grills 600D3E (L600E). The direct flame option provides up to 750 °F of direct flame searing.


PID Controller

Advanced PID temperature controller allows you to hold the tightest temperature possible throughout your cook for consistent results.


Double-Door Storage Cabinet

Keep your grilling gear including pellet bags, grilling tools, and extension cords in one place under the grill, so they are out of sight but still close by.


Stainless Steel Design

The 600D3E (L600E) is built to last. A heavy-duty steel construction combined with a stainless steel lid provides long-lasting durability and great heat retention.


Side Shelf with Utility Hooks

The side shelf acts as a sturdy and reliable area for prepping meats. Tool hooks keep your grilling essentials at your fingertips. Stay refreshed with the built-in bottle opener.


Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels

Easily move your grill around your back patio with the caster wheels and the locking mechanism keeps your grill from rolling away.


Packaging Info

Packaging Size (in.): 27 L × 21 W × 25 H

Packaging Weight: 103 lbs


What’s Included

1 × 600D3E (L600E)
1 × Pair of assembly gloves

Product Info

Lower Rack Area: 332 sq. in.

Upper Rack Area: 240 sq. in.

Total Rack Surface Area: 572 sq. in.

Hopper Capacity: 8 lbs. of pellets

Height of Cooking Surface to Lid: 8 in.

Temperature Range: 180-450 °F (indirect heat)

Grill Grate Material: Porcelain-coated steel

Dimensions (in.): 46 L × 21 W × 49 H

Weight: 84 lbs

Warranty: 3 years



Darrell Etherington

"The Z grills is a new smoker/BBQ/general purpose cooker option that combines a lot of versatility into a relatively compact package."

Larry Olmsted

"If you don’t currently own a smoker and are ready to experience delicious brisket, ribs and pulled pork...the affordable and high-quality Z Grills lineup."

Garrrett Hulfish

"Put simply, this grill gets you wood fire flavor with a level of simplicity usually only enjoyed by propane users."

Kirk Miller

"These wood-pellet grill have an automated electric feed system that maintains temps from 180 F to 450 F so can" set it and think no more of it."

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